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  • Specialist Baby Groups

    ... giving your baby the best start in life

    The early years of life are highly formative in terms of children reaching their full potential, and so with the benefit of the latest medical research we have created a range of sessions to help your baby fully develop their sensory and motor systems, providing a truly strong foundation to support their ongoing development in both childhood and later life.

    Your baby will:

    • Create a strong foundation for all future movement, starting with rolling and crawling
    • Integrate their sensorimotor systems
    • Develop their social and emotional skills
    • Gain greater visual and auditory development
    • Experience better digestion and sleep
    • Enjoy tummy time

    Follow your instincts

    Sessions are fun, sociable and interactive, and are run by an experienced Occupational Therapist with expertise in neuro-development, and informed by the very latest research into this area. You will be encouraged to follow your own good instincts concerning your baby and be provided with evidence-based information on the healthy development of your child, offering support at a time when there is often masses of seemingly conflicting advice... Read More

    We run groups focusing on different stages of a baby's first year. Each of these groups runs on a rolling four week series at the same time every week. All areas of development are covered in the four weeks, but the format is not rigid and there is time for you to ask questions and for your baby to receive some individual attention. If you are unable to make the sessions for the earlier stages, there will be opportunity to pick up some of the information that you will have missed.

    "Babies brains develop in direct relationship to their sensory and motor experiences" (Zachary, 2014)

    Group 1

    Post first immunisation to rolling over (Group 1)

    Joining this group will give your child the best start in life in terms of their future health, wellbeing and learning. We will cover all the essential early movement patterns including tummy time techniques, exploring weight and balance in close connection with the caregiver, and primitive reflex integration (see resources link below)... Read More

    For further information, see additional resources here.

    Group 2

    Early independent movements, pushing back on the tummy, sitting and creeping (Group 2)

    Here you will build on the foundation established in the first group, although you can of course still join without having previously attended. We will continue with the themes of exploring balance, but will introduce more challenging movements and providing more stimulation now the nervous system is ready to be activated in this way... Read More

    Group 3

    Moving around more, crawling, reaching and preparation for standing (Group 3)

    Moving on from early independent movements to reaching out more and beginning to explore the environment. This group will encourage crawling and work on leg and foot strength in preparation for standing and eventually walking.... Read More


    To get the most out of the sessions, please ensure that you choose the group type that matches your child's stage of development. If you are booking for more than one child, please adjust the quantity below. Please note that the sessions require one adult to one child.

    TO BOOK:
    1. Click / press on your chosen session to select it
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click / press the green 'Book' button
    3. Repeat for additional sessions
    4. To view your selections, click the cart icon at the top of the page
    5. Click / press on the 'Proceed to Checkout' button
    6. Enter your details, and pay via PayPal

    Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email.

    OR TO FIND OUT MORE, email Andrea at andrea@encounter.uk.com

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