Exam Stress

  • Are you struggling with exam stress and anxiety - you are not alone!

    More students now report exam and study related anxiety than problems with body image.

    We offer specialist individual sessions to help manage your stress, and provide inputs that help calm your stress response so you can work, learn and think better.

    A one hour session starts with a short assessment, which then enables us to provide you with solutions that fit your particular needs. Even though we all get stressed, we don't all respond in the same way, so we will devise things that specifically help your individual response to stress and anxiety.

    We will provide you with a short daily plan that you can use to keep your nervous system in the best place to support your brain and cope with exam stress - using simple movement based techniques and specialist music that supports nervous system regulation.

    If you are interested in receiving help, or would like to discuss this further, contact andrea@encounter.uk.com.