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Encounter Baby Loves Mums

  • Join us for 2 hours for a relaxing and sociable session with other mums where we will focus on how motherhood changes your bodily systems both physically and emotionally, and how managing stress, tension and tiredness can enhance your relationship with your baby. This will also set the stage for your ongoing connection with your child.

    Research has shown that learning about your own nervous system and increasing your self-awareness can help you pick up on your baby's cues and be more in touch with their system too (lanius, 2015). We also now know that babies detect and mirror the heart rhythms and neurochemical activity of the people they are closest to.

    So to learn more about this and how to look after both your own nervous system and that of your baby, book a session and come along!

    Drinks and treats provided - including an introductory take away gift.

    Due to the focus being a little more about mum, this session is only suitable those whose babies are not yet walking.


    If you are booking for more than one child, please adjust the quantity below. Please note that the sessions require one adult to one child.

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    Once you have booked you will receive a confirmation email.

    OR TO FIND OUT MORE, email Andrea at andrea@encounter.uk.com



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