Baby Crap

Is your house in danger of being full of baby crap?

I’m talking about all those flashing, noisy bits of plastic that cost you a small fortune and promised to stimulate your child’s brain and boost their  developmental and educational potential.

Also all those cluttering pieces of equipment for swinging, sitting, bouncing and walking – so much so that you decide you need a bigger house! Have you ever wondered how previous generations managed without it and is it all part of a great marketing con?  Well to some extent the answer is yes and not only is a lot of the equipment unnecessary some may even be detrimental.

A baby’s nervous system is designed to thrive through freedom of movement  on the floor and connection with their caregivers, when they spend a lot of their day in plastic devices like bouncers, carry seats and equipment like Bumbo seats it can contribute to both developmental delays and even lead to postural problems. At Encounter baby the sessions will show you how to best support your child development through natural movement and play activities that don’t require expensive equipment.

We all want to give our children the best start in life but the information around us can be very confusing and the promises made on packing are more about selling a product than being based on sound empirical evidence from multiple studies. At the sessions will we guide you through how crucial connections are formed between your infant’s brain and muscles during the first year of life and demonstrate activities that best support the development of strong brain and body connections, without lots of extra equipment and gadgets. We will also provide guidance on the safe of use equipment you may need or already use, by explaining positioning techniques, giving suggestions on time limits and explaining how to support strong  spine development.

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